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Month of Love

Custom Jigsaw Puzzle R200

Personalized photo puzzles are a fantastic way to reminisce and keep cherished memories close. With the option to choose a favorite photo or design, these puzzles allow you to relive those special moments  while providing endless entertainment.  Whether as a gift or for personal use, they offer a unique and  meaningful way to enjoy the memory over and over again.

Size: 250mm x 350mm | Product is made from a thin wood, with a direct print – packaged in a tube with an A4 print.

Heart-Shaped Magnet R50.00

Custom-printed heart magnets are a great way to add a touch of personalization to your fridge. Whether as a decorative element or a functional reminder, these magnets can be customized with any design or  message, making them a perfect gift or promotional item. With their adorable heart shape, they not only  serve as a practical tool for holding up notes or grocery lists but also bring a little extra love and warmth  to your kitchen.

Size: 148x148mm

Custom Printed Mouse Pads R75.00

A custom-printed mouse pad is a great way to preserve and showcase your special memories. Whether  it’s a beloved family photo, a cherished vacation snapshot, or a significant milestone, having it on your  mouse pad allows you to see and enjoy those memories every day while working or browsing the web. It  adds a personal touch to your workspace and serves as a constant reminder of the moments that mean  the most to you.

Custom Printed White Mug R100

Our custom-printed mugs are the perfect way to capture and preserve your special memories. Whether it’s a family photo, a favorite quote, or a cherished moment, our mugs provide a personalized touch that makes them ideal for gifting or adding a personal touch to your daily routine. With our high-quality printing, your memories will stay vibrant and lasting, giving you the joy of reliving those special moments with every sip.

Wrap around sublimation print | Print Area: 220x99mm

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to personalize your gifts with our custom jigsaw puzzle, white mug, heart-shaped magnet, and mouse pads.

With orders closing on Friday, February 9th, you can collect your items on Tuesday, February 13th, from 15:00 to 17:00.