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Modico Stamps

Modico stamps represent the latest in stamp technology as utilized by Blitsdruk, enabling the creation of stamps for almost every conceivable demand or use, in the highest quality available to date. Modico stamps use a microporous special foamed material, which allows no loss of quality, the result of the uneven transfer of ink from the ink plate onto the text plate, a common occurrence when using conventional wooden or self-inking stamps manufactured using polymer or rubber.

From office stamps to golf ball stamps, the Modico Stamp Range offers it all. Inks include office ink, fabric ink & fast drying ink for use on multiple surfaces, including mirrors, tin, plastic bags and every other material in between. All in all Modico stamps offer a far superior stamping experience when compared to the traditional stamps of old.

Modico stamps are available in multiple colours as well as UV inks. If you have a particular requirement or question, please do feel free to get into contact with our friendly staff, who will be more than happy to assist with your query!